Our People

Our staff and councillors reflect the people we serve. We are proud of our diversity, with strong forums including an employee engagement forum, disability forum, LGBTQ+ and women’s forum.

We engage our staff through various networks including a thriving employee engagement forum, led by a director, with input from all departments and from all levels, and Our Futures champions, who reflect the interests of all teams across the council in our programme.

We are currently in the midst of a radical restructure which will ensure that our world class staff are organised in a way that helps them to do the best work they can.

We also work hand in hand with our partners to ensure that we can deliver a #OneSlough approach for our customers. We are working in collaboration with our partners, members and members of the community to develop a joint 2040 vision all can work to achieve.

This 2040 vision was launched through our first virtual conference in July 2020 with our partners. Although meeting virtually for a conference this size was a new idea for most, it couldn't have been more inspiring. It truly showed the strong relationship between partners and Slough Borough Council and our shared commitment to developing Slough as a place of opportunity and ambition through our 2040 vision.

See the video below for the highlights from our recent conference